All or Nothing Girl (A Rauc & Rollmance)

All or Nothing Girl (A Rauc & Rollmance) is a fictional novel that explores the themes like: small towns & small minds, heartache & heartbreak, international travel, chasing a dream, rockstar status, and vindication.

Samantha Wolf hails from a second-tier town in a third-tier state. She was born and raised and fully expects to die there. Yet from the ashes of a cremated marriage and the subsequent midlife malaise, her life takes an series unlikely twists and turns when an impossible meeting happens at precisely the right moment. An international excursion, whirlwind romance, and rockstar status ensue as she leaves her small town and small life in the dust.

But you know what they say about life (and love) in the fast lane…

Finding Fidelity

Finding Fidelity is a fictional novel that explores themes like: divorce, fathers & sons, following in footsteps, repeating mistakes, outrunning the past, music, and the importance of excellent HiFi gear.

Jaye Ferguson is a middle 40s divorcee. He finds himself living in a fixer-upper with joint custody of his six-year-old daughter and four-year-old son. He is mired in an undead and unfulfilling career. His younger brother is an ageless ladies man, and his father is aging too rapidly. Desperately working to avoid a replay of his own childhood, he feels powerless to spare his children from a similar fate. Despite trying to be better than his father, he feels helpless to become him.

Toiling haplessly to keep a job he loathes, he is delivered from certain self-destruction by a HiFi system, a few good records, and the thrift store almighty.


I Once Loved the Dead Girl

I Once Loved the Dead Girl is a fictional novelette that explores themes like: teen angst, young love, first crushes, and bitter tragedy.

An unexpected death impels a retrospective sojourn through an innocent and challenging spell. Mired in a midlife crisis, Jaye Ferguson hearkens back to his adolescent epoch—a period rife with divorce, transition, and discovery. While attempting to navigate a new school, opportunity strikes. Smack in the middle of the daunting transition from elementary to middle school, he experiences the rush of puppy love, the heartache of a first breakup, and the confusion of a partial rekindling. The drama plays out from spring thru fall, as each act makes a lasting impression on its corresponding season.

The effects haunt Jaye forever.

The flood of memories force an ex post facto examination of the fragility of life.


The Eponymous Hippopotamus

The Eponymous Hippopotamus is a fictional children’s book that explores themes like: friendship, inclusion, family, and African wildlife.

A family of hippos form a bond with a lonely oxpecker. Eventually, they become one big happy blended family.

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