Sunday 9/24 – Revelry & Some Food, I Think

After working out–you always have to test out the hotel workout facilities right when you arrive–I was planning on a quiet evening chilling out by the pool with my iPad and my complimentary beverage ticket….

…and then someone yelled out “Blake!” from across the poolside tiki bar. It was my old partner in crime, from the bad ol’ days @ Cargill, none other than Douglas “Dougie” Trieber. I honestly had no idea I was going to know anyone here.

We sat at the pool bar and worked out the finer points of SharePoint for about 42 seconds, then we yucked it up as we reminisced the balance of the evening. By the end of the evening, I came to realize that I’ve been doing this IT thing for a (much too) looooong time…

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