Monday 9/25 – Accelerate Office 265 Adoption Through Microsoft FastTrack Services

Official Description…

I can’t find it.

Blake’s Takes…

So I refuse to cede my groovy high-top table for one, and another presentation magically appeared. For kicks, I’m gonna just stay and watch.

So Stiller and Meara are leading off with a number of funny questions, which I always totally love!

  • “How many of you work in IT groups that have lots of extra time?”
  • “How many of your users read your carefully crafted how-to emails?” 

According to the presenters, engaging MS FastTrack services “guarantees” Adoption success. Part of the discovery process. Is doing “a day in the life” with the users. During this discovery, a lot of shadow IT can be uncovered.

FastTrack productivity library

And the presenters brought fidget spinners…that looked like this…

Getting one was like this…

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