Tuesday 9/26 – The keys to Office 365 Groups management

Official Description…

In this session, we share experience in providing governance and management capabilities for Office 365 Groups. We show how an Office 365 Groups concept can be implemented in a secure way, what management capabilities are available, and how to address them. Learn how to manage Office 365 Groups with the help of PowerShell and Microsoft Graph. We look into Groups administration, how to setup current policies, how to implement them, and how to govern them. We also share some best practices around Groups management.

Blake’s Takes…

The presenter has a brilliant Austrian accent, so that’s a thing.

Apparently, it is very common for companies to disable O365 Groups before a full O365 deployment??? She highly recommends a governance and naming policy for O365 Groups. One way to enforce these is to create a workflow that requires someone to “OK” the group creation/name.

A lot of this is done via PowerShell (restricting who can create groups). The concept is to create an AD group of users who can create O365 Groups.

Again, a lot of this is done via PoweShell scripting. So conceptually these are great ideas, but in practice, we’d have to track down some of the PowerShell scripts.

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