Thursday 9/28 – Learn best practices for SharePoint site owners

Official Description…

For SharePoint site owners provisioning a site is only the start.  Come learn all the best practices for managing your SharePoint team sites including how to get started, drive and measure engagement, and manage access.

Slides: <link>

Blake’s Takes…
This was a full on demo walking us through the steps of creating a modern UI SP collaboration site. The focus was on document libraries and lists.
On document libraries…
  • Pin most important document, so that those documents appear at the top of the list.
  • Pinned documents can be unpinned if they are no longer “important”
  • Quick view allows mass metadata updates
  • Create views for quicker access to focused content
  • Making site columns/metadata required prevents users from adding content w/o filling out metadata
  • There is a view called “Files That Need Attention” that brings up files with missing required metadata
Site Contents > Site Usage – gives you analytics for the specific site.
So in an effort to test this outside of the GRE VPN network, I have learned that you need to be connected to VPN to access SharePoint, as this URL is hit during thet login process: Obviously, w/o being VPN connected, that fails…
This is sort of an issue for our claim of “access anywhere”, right?

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