You’re a Friend of Mine

Brandon, in his tighty whities, and I just sat and watched as Leo scrubbed in a fury. He never once looked at us or acknowledged our efforts—good or bad. He would never discover that the ceiling was wiped clean of green paint. He would go on thinking that the damage was limited to the carpet. That Brandon not only masterminded the initial disaster recovery plan, managed to remove all traces of green from the ceiling, and sacrificed himself to deliver the news, was indicative of the man he would become: a most useful man. He would be useful in many—at times unimaginable—ways over the course of our brotherhood. And he would surpass Leo and me in handy-mandedness, gregarious-naturedness, and big-heartedness. He would be the go-to guy for throngs of others who were drawn into his irresistible orbit—Leo and I included.

Excerpt from Finding Fidelity, the forthcoming novel from Blake Charles Donley

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